Drum Gym App

Kit Demo shot

The purpose of this app is to give you the tools you need to be creative and musical in your drumming. Once you’re inside, you’ll find that the app is split into three main sections that are progressive in their content.

  • First, you will cover a comprehensive overview of all the essential snare drum rudiments and their various components.
  • Next, the rudimental vocabulary is combined into exercises that are more complex and challenging.
  • Finally, we take some of the rudiments that we’ve covered and apply them to the drum kit in a variety of patterns and fills.

Drum Gym provides you with some innovative and interactive options on how to approach your learning. Each exercise starts with an explanation of the content, with the important points of each exercise written out for your convenience.


Next, there is a demonstration of the exercise at a fast and a slow tempo that simultaneously features scrolling notation. After that, you can move into the practice section of the exercise and play along with the audio loop and click track at any tempo that feels comfortable. You can adjust your mix between loop and click, and also mute the individual voices of the kit for increased flexibility in how you hear and practice each exercise. In addition to scrolling notation, the practice session of each exercise features a bespoke graphic that clearly indicates which drum or cymbal is being struck and which hand should be doing the striking.

Have fun, and enjoy working with Drum Gym which you can buy in the app store.