“I’m not flattering him when I say that he is the man – quite simply my favourite drummer to play with…his groove is so big and fat and utterly there, that is acts like a small planet, pulling your own notes into its centre through some sort of rhythmic gravity.”

(Pete Langman, Slender Threads)

Mike’s Musings

Groove, Pocket and Feel

The vernacular of a musician (or those discussing music) is sometimes a bit mysterious, weird, comedic or just generally inaccessible to the ‘layman’. On one hand, there are terms like accelerando or many others that are part of widely accepted musical lexicon that have clear, textbook definitions. But there are other words or phrases that are less conventional and are open to an element of interpretation, even amongst hipsters in the music community. With this in mind, I would like to take on a challenge that makes solving the debacle of Brexit seem lightweight in comparison; that is, to look at the frequently used terms of groove, pocket and feel and to try to understand their full meaning.

The Masterlink Sessions


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