Hello – welcome to my site, and thanks for visiting!

The site is very much in its early stages, but it will soon be upgraded with a variety of different content that I hope you will find helpful and interesting. As a musician, I’ve been lucky enough to do gigs, tours and sessions with a number great people over the years.

In addition to performing, education is a real passion of mine. I’ve had the privilege of working with hundreds of students, each of whom has furthered my own learning – it’s really a two-way street. With this site, I’ll be keeping you informed of my exploits, provide educational material and create a forum to discuss music, education and life. The three for me are inextricably linked, so everything counts!

Current activities

It’s been a very busy summer for me, which has helped to take my mind off England’s ridiculously lousy weather!

I’m very proud to have recently become part of the managerial team at The Institute in London, an amazing school for contemporary music that is growing rapidly. Additionally, I have been involved with an exciting new music education venture called Band Workshops. Our first event was in July and was great fun and a big success.

On the playing side, I’ve been gigging with my long-term, uber-funky associates Redtenbacher’s Funkestra at some of London’s most prestigious clubs and festivals. Also, I’ve been working with the soulful explosion that is The Staxs with guest artists Jack Bruce and Steve Winwood – what legends they both are!

Finally, I’ve been filling in whatever time has been left doing private teaching, masterclasses and creating a few tuition videos (see below), all of which have given me the opportunity to meet and work with some fantastic new people.

Verdict: busy but happy!